CSGI mobile helps you prevent infections.

UVC disinfection for hospitals, clinics, and homes

  • Automated UVC robots improve consistency of disinfection
  • Safe, chemical-free method to kill germs on exposed surfaces
  • Emergency or scheduled services offered
  • CSGI mobile UVC Certificate of Completion TM
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Why use CSGI mobile?

  • REDUCE INFECTION RISKCSGI has a proven record of using UVC disinfection to reduce infections.
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVEUVC robots disinfect large amounts of surface area quickly, consistently, and thoroughly.
  • BROAD SPECTRUM GERMICIDEUVC robots kill bacteria and viruses, including drug-resistant bacteria, flu, and even C. diff. spores.
  • AFFORDABLE HOME AND BUSINESS USEProven in hospitals and now available for private residences, restaurants, gyms, daycare centers, and more.

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UVC disinfection is a chemical-free, no-touch method of killing germs on surfaces and in the air. UVC disinfection is widely used in hospitals.

UVC disinfection robots emit a specific, germ-killing wavelength of ultraviolet light (254 nanometers) in a room to destroy bacteria and viruses on all exposed surfaces in minutes. UVC robots are particularly good at killing germs on large amounts of surface area consistently and quickly, whereas manual disinfection may be spotty and labor intensive. This makes UVC disinfection an ideal supplement to traditional cleaning strategies.

In multiple peer-reviewed studies, CSGI has used UVC disinfection robots to prevent infections for hospital patients. See CSGI’s clinical trials at csgiusa.com/studies.

No, tasks like trash and bioload removal must be performed as usual. UVC disinfection enhances traditional cleaning but it is not a replacement. CSGI does not provide janitorial services.

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