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A new standard of clean for Los Angeles home health and nursing care patients

By Leo W. Williams | Category: News | on June 27, 2018

With CSGI mobile, all Los Angeles area home health and nursing care patients have access to the same high-tech cleaning tools as the region’s best hospitals.

Multiple Los Angeles area hospitals use CSGI UVC robots to help keep their patients safe -- CSGI mobile is bringing the technology to all Los Angeles area nursing care and home health patients.

 Automated air and surface disinfection technologies, like UVC robots, have been widely studied in hospitals. One CSGI study showed a 78% improvement to hospital environmental decontamination with UVC robots compared to manual cleaning alone, and hospital-acquired Clostridium difficile infections were reduced by 46% throughout the hospital. (Napolitano et al 2015)

Our hospital-based technicians bring the UVC robots to your home or business. The UVC robots disinfect most rooms in 20 minutes or less. The disinfected room is safe to occupy immediately after completion.



UVC disinfection appointments available at CSGImobile.com/appointment.

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