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Preparing for CSGI mobile

By Leo W. Williams | Category: News, Safety | on June 27, 2018

Mobile UVC disinfection is new to a lot of customers, so we’re often asked ‘What do I need to do before CSGI arrives?’

There’s a few things all customers should do before CSGI arrives:

  • Entirely remove any pets, live plants, artwork, medicine, or other valuables from the locations to be disinfected.
  • Ensure the CSGI Technician has access to at least two (2) proper-functioning 15 AMP electrical sockets (standard three-prong outlet) in each disinfection location.
  • Remove or minimize linens, curtains, and other soft surfaces from the disinfection location. We recommend linens and curtains, and other soft surfaces be laundered in accordance with facility guidelines.

Target locations must be completely unoccupied during UVC disinfection, but are safe to enter immediately after completion.


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