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What is the process like?

By Florian Auckenthaler | on March 9, 2014

After you schedule and pay for your service appointment, you can expect a friendly and knowledgeable CSGIm technician to arrive at your scheduled location on time and prepared to begin disinfecting.  A technician will begin by introducing themselves, provide identification and ask to be shown the locations that were scheduled to be disinfected.  A technicians will then prep the rooms by exposing as much surface area as possible.  The UV-C emitter is then strategically placed within the room and plugged in.  The room is then secured of any humans or animals.  Safety fobs are placed on all entrance/exit doors.  The handheld is then programmed and the disinfection process begins.  After the completion of the treatment, the emitter will stop once the measured dosage of UV-C light has been illuminated throughout the room.

A technician will then remove the emitter, and return the room to its original condition.  The data of the disinfection process is then automatically uploaded to a secure cloud location.  A Certificate of Completion will be electronically sent to the customer within 24 hours.  The room is then available to be re-entered immediately following our treatment.