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Why do hospitals use UVC disinfection robots?

By Leo W. Williams | on June 27, 2018

UVC disinfection robots improve hospital decontamination 78% compared to manual cleaning alone. (Napolitano et al 2015)


UVC disinfection robots emit a specific, germ-killing wavelength of ultraviolet light (254 nanometers) in a room to destroy bacteria and viruses on all exposed surfaces in minutes. UVC robots are particularly good at killing germs on large amounts of surface area consistently and quickly, whereas manual disinfection may be spotty and labor intensive. This makes UVC disinfection an ideal supplement to traditional cleaning strategies.

The UVC robots are used to decontaminate hospital areas where an infectious patient stayed, but also to disinfect critical areas before a high-risk or immunocompromised patient enters. CSGI’s UVC disinfection service has been proven to reduce hospital-acquired infections in multiple peer-reviewed studies. 



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