CSGI Mobile FAQs

No. UV-C must not be used in any space that cannot be completely secured and shielded from humans, plants or animals during the intervention.

Our process does not clean in the conventional sense.  CSGI’s process will thoroughly disinfect your rooms of any germs, bacteria, viruses, or spores that exist on any exposed surface with our UV-C light. Conventional cleaning of dirt and trash, will be up to you and your brooms, mops, wipes, rags and sprays.

There is no limit on the number of times one can disinfect using UV-C.  We recommend that a home should be disinfected every 90 days and a daycare or nursery school should be disinfected every 30 days.  As with any disinfection treatment, the goal is to keep the microbial reservoir of harmful pathogens as low as possible.

The UV-C emitters measure the required dosages to kill microbes that exist within the chosen space to be disinfected.  Once the dosage amount has been determined, the emitter will deliver anywhere from 250-9,000% of the required UV-C flux to eradicate those harmful pathogens within the space.  How long the emitter delivers UV-C is very specific to the space it is required to disinfect.  This is the most specific, efficacious, efficient treatment of this kind.  There is not a more powerful, mobile UV-C emitter on the market today.  All these things leave no guesswork whether microbes have been eradicated.  We do not rely on whether a pathogen was sprayed, wiped or misted by other inferior methods that rely on less accurate and accountable processes.  UV-C light literally floods your room and disinfects it…every time!

Right now our UV Disinfection Service is available in the Greater Los Angeles area

Yes we do.  As a way of thanking you for using our service for the first time, we offer you a 20% discount off the cost of your first scheduled service.  CSGI will periodically offer additional promotional discounts to our reoccurring customers.

A typical 20' x 20' room can be disinfected in 20 minutes or less. A typical 5'  5' bathroom can be disinfected in 8 minutes or less.

For room and surface disinfection, CSGIm uses the IRS 1140m, a mobile Intelligent Room Sterilization™ system that employs UV-C light to eliminate microbial reservoirs in the environment. UV-C causes damage to nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent dimers between nucleic bases in DNA and RNA (Kowalski et al. 2009). The formation of such bonds prevents the genetic material from being unzipped for replication, rendering the organism unable to reproduce. UV-C is laboratory proven to kill Clostridium difficile, MRSA, VRE, and other nosocomial causing microorganisms; there are no known bacteria or viruses immune to UV-C (U.S. EPA, 1999). This level of disinfection is impossible to reach with any known disinfection products on the market today.

Absolutely! This technology is currently being used in hospitals.  It has been EPA tested and approved.  It leaves no residual residue and is completely green.

Click below for an excerpted list of Pathogens that are eliminated during our UV disinfection process. 

Click here for list of pathogens eliminated

The cost for UV disinfection is calculated per room. Disinfecting one or two rooms costs $175. One Room is calculated as 400 SQF or less. That is approximately 20 feet by 20 feet.